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La Libertad Harbor

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La Libertad is without a doubt the most emblematic surf beach of the whole country, being the most central tourist city on the coast of El Salvador. The quick access to the capital, as well as the airport make it a perfect location for attracting tourists. Being a municipality, La Libertad has restaurants, banks, supermarkets, exchange offices, and establishments of all types, like various renowned hotels. The most emblematic wave of the country is at this beach, the Chilama, known abroad as Punta Roca and considered to be in the top 10 of the world.

A wave that runs for a quarter of a km, and sometimes even all the way to the dock if it connects with certain waves, and with a varied repertoire in the way it breaking on the surface of the sea that borders that peculiar and emblematic shore of stony beaches. On the other side of the dock, we find a beachbreak of very high quality, and next to it a bodysurf club on the peculiar little waves of a reef that allows for excellent diving and snorkelling.

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