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To enable the routes between all these tourist attraction points for surfing, and caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the government of El Salvador, together with MINSAL’s (ministry of health) endorsement, has put various safely measures in place to meet certain health requirements and boundaries.

These measures not only cover surf practice, but must also followed in transport, restaurants, hotels and accommodation, parks, beaches, recreation areas and schedules outings.

It is recommended to the population and to visitors that you follow and abide by the rules and recommendations of each zone and beach to comply with and prevent any type of risk that you could be in.

The general basics:


Comply with biosecurity measures.

A negative PCR test is required to enter El Salvador. To know the requirements of this test, please access the following link


Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes.

Hands are in continuous contact with many surfaces, which could be contaminated with the virus. By avoiding touching our mouth, nose and eyes, we will be more protected against the virus.


Maintain cleanliness and disinfection conditions.

Use alcohol gel to disinfect your hands after touching commonly used surfaces, such as handles, handrails, receiving and handing out money, among other actions. Remember that it is also important to wash your hands frequently.


Respect the minimum physical distance of two meters.

People who maintain close contact with someone infected have a high risk of contagion. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the minimum physical distance of two meters of separation.


Follow the special conditions for groups.

 During transfers, keep interpersonal physical distance with the other components of the group or with other coexistence groups. 


Wear masks in common areas.

Always wear your mask correctly. The mask is essential to protect yourself from the virus. Remember to renew the mask from time to time.


Facilitate access.

Follow the signs and recommendations of each tourist area and beach to comply and prevent any type of risk that may occur.